Live at Bear's

This is my offering to the blues congregation.

On this day one year ago, I sat in the control room of a Shreveport, Louisiana recording studio listening to playback of final track recorded for what would be The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You — a song aptly called "The Last Day I'm Loving You." As the song made its final fade, we learned B.B. King had died. The news was hardly unexpected. B.B. had been ill for some time. Still, it was a sad note to seal an otherwise joyous five days in a southern studio.

We had committed to a gig that evening at a local spot called Bear's on Fairfield. It's a beloved spot and they get their fair share of blues bands passing through. Louisiana is the real deal. Leadbelly's ghost lives here. If we passed the Shreveport sniff test then we would be on the right path for sure.

Bear's on Fairfield would be the first place to play these songs live. It would be the first time we would play anything together live. Brady Blade, Chris Thomas, Doctor Roberts, and I began playing as a quartet on the first day of recording five days earlier. We left our producer, Mindi Abair, behind in the studio to record her baritone sax parts while we rushed to club to load-in and make our downbeat. We walked in, plugged in, and played.

In memory of that sad and joyous evening one year ago, here are some highlights from our Shreveport show. You hear a band celebrating some old blues and test driving some new blues. It's ragged, rowdy, and real.  One year later, B.B.'s spirit is still strong — as are my memories of that wonderful city by the Red River. God bless them both.

Hope you dig it. Keep the faith,