How 2015 Looks From the Inside

In my five years leading Freshwire, and in particular the 30 months since our network agency acquisition, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges and opportunities faced by clients and agencies alike in a rapidly evolving marketing world that demands constant adaptation.

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Fathers First

The challenge for most fathers is our wiring. Moms are wired to be. Some may elect to keep the wiring turned off but still it exists in them. 

Men must elect themselves to become fathers. We need to create the wiring. Many in my generation bear the scars of fathers who reluctantly accepted the offer of fatherhood — if they stood up for the job at all.

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Cookies & Milk: Scenes From a '70s Hollywood Childhood

We are born whole but fragile. And if we are lucky, no one drops us. Some of us, though, get broken. We are cracked across generations, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to put ourselves back together again. My childhood was created with a concoction of volatile ingredients: equal parts racial uncertainty, newly found fame, financial struggle, closely guarded demons, and a mythical, fantastically sleazy neighborhood.

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