Fathers First

The challenge for most fathers is our wiring. Moms are wired to be. Some may elect to keep the wiring turned off but still it exists in them. 

Men must elect themselves to become fathers. We need to create the wiring. Many in my generation bear the scars of fathers who reluctantly accepted the offer of fatherhood — if they stood up for the job at all. For me, it took many years to break the centrifugal force of my childhood to create a fatherhood that was wired by my own hands rather than my memories. 

Men also pride themselves — define themselves — by their business successes. We often put our business life in front of our family life. We lead at the office while missing out on the milestones at home. It's an easy trap to fall into. I often ask myself, "am I working this hard to provide for my family or to prove my own worth?" The answer is not always convenient. Truth be told, I'm working for them and me. Yet, I strive to be a father first.

I am grateful to be a father and I thank these three kids of mine for giving me a lens deep into my heart. Fatherhood challenges me to be the man I dream of becoming. It's a line in the sand I dare to cross on my better days. It's a path I walk everyday — at home and work.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who fight the fight and hold their families tight. May the pressures pale next to the life you've all created. And may you continue to strike the balance of building a business and growing young lives.

Shawn Amos2 Comments